Why Ski in the French Alps

If you are looking for the perfect ski getaway with a unique cozy atmosphere, look no further than the French Alps. Here you’ll be able to soak up the French “joie de vivre” atmosphere, mind-blowing views, and incredible skiing at a surprisingly reasonable price.



You heard that right; while the airfare may cost more than the flight out the American Rockies, French ski passes are significantly less expensive than in U.S. resorts. Oftentimes, you can find great deals in French ski resorts. At the top notch ski resorts, a day pass — considered expensive by French standards — costs somewhere between 50 to 60 euros. At the equivalent ski resorts in the U.S., you will be spending over $100 a day.

If the sheer price isn’t enough to convince you, think about the experience of spending a week or two in the Alps.

The French often refer to ski vacations as “sports d’hiver,” literally meaning “winter sports.” Indeed, French ski resorts are so much more than just ski.



Of course, the main winter attraction when heading to the Alps is the world famous skiing. Resorts like Alpe d’Huez, Val d’Isère, Les Trois Vallées and many others boast a stunning variety of slopes, including some of the world’s longest and most challenging.



Unlike in the U.S., in France, you will find many mega resorts or “domaines skiables” which interconnect with several smaller resorts allowing you to ski through one mini resort to the other without ever having to drive. Unbeknownst to most Americans, France is home to some of the largest ski terrains in the world.

But if you are not a skier, fear not! You’ll enjoy your vacation whether you go dog sledding or snowshoeing through the spectacular scenery, or just simply relax at the spa and at a charming alpine restaurant.



Alpine culture is unique and probably what most Americans associate with Switzerland rather than France. But if you enjoy wine and cheese, then to the French Alps you should go. Raclette, fondue, and tartiflette are the most famous dishes to savor. The mouthwatering melted cheese, potatoes, cured hams, and charcuterie are simply superb.
On a ski day, half the fun is just figuring out which delicious restaurant you’ll choose for lunch as you make your way from one slope to the next. Whether it’s a full-service gourmet restaurant in a chalet or a casual self-service lodge, there is something for everyone.

Regardless of where you choose to ski in the French Alps, as an added bonus, you’ll be next door to a region or country that’s well worth a visit–Burgundy, Provence, and Italy to name a few.

For a truly relaxing vacation where you actually disconnect from the rest of the world, head out to the French Alps.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorite French ski resorts:
– Alpe d’Huez
– Les Trois Vallees
– Chamonix
– Val d’Isere
– Courchevel