VeronicTravel Destinations for 2022

Travel is a year-round option. Everyone picks & chooses their travel dates to suit their needs and desires to optimize their experience. However, the most ideal perfect “voyage” journeys that fulfill dreams take planning – the true landmarks of Véronique at Veronic Travel – her diligence and expertise.

Reveal your dreams and Véronique can plan your trip exclusively for you with every detail customized especially for you – to the perfect destination with each feature planned to make those dreams into supreme realities from ultra luxury to simple comfort – you choose… Here we are today: at exactly the time of year that you may be planning your Spring Get-away and/or a Summer vacation, too. This is the moment to begin… You may already have some ideas of where you want to go. Or, you might have some initial thoughts regarding ideal travel pursuits: whether solo, duet, family, or in a group – you could use truly genuine guidance and precise planning now. In order to achieve the most bespoke itinerary, you will want to trust your travels to Véronique’s proficiency. You might also want to consider her list of “Ideal 2022 Destinations” for some extraordinary options; with the caveat that she has personally visited all (and even lived in some) of her recommended destinations. So, no matter which you choose, Véronique is also a bona fide local expert in each highlighted suggestion. So, let’s start with some wonderful possibilities:

France (especially Bordeaux)

Véronique was born and raised in France. She knows its heritage, beauty, history, culture, archeological wonders: Paris – as the enchanting “City of Lights”, the small villages with wonderful treats at every level, the seaside resorts, and every secret corner. Whether you desire a tour with culinary & oenophile delights, a literary pilgrimage visiting homes of legendary auteurs or artistes, an expedition delving into historic landmarks, or just enjoying the serenity of a lush land with sights of wonder, Véronique knows this land and its every facet. She has even been invited to the French Consulate to offer her insight into crafting the perfect French travel experience. Voilà – she is your ideal “Voyage Designer”.




“Europe’s little hidden jewel” as one of European travel magazines called it… is a country marked by wondrous biological diversity. It is one of the most water-rich in Europe, with a dense river network, and underground watercourses. It is also beautifully covered in green forests that soothe the soul. Lake Bled is the prettiest Alpine lake resort – a special treat for all interests. Slovenia’s Julian Alps are one of the prettiest Alpine sub-systems. The beaches on the Adriatic Sea are magnificent and inviting. This is truly an idyllic land.




If you dream of a Mediterranean experience that has idyllic summery days on azure waters alongside quaint, historic towns that are walled (reminding you of their protective history – guarding towns for centuries), Croatia is an enchanting choice. With its abundance of seaside coastline, there are more than one thousand islands – each its own beacon of history, beauty, & tranquility. Then there are the castles sprinkled throughout. The major coastal city, Dubrovnik, has massive 16th-Century walls guarding the Old Town with its architectural gems: buildings that are Gothic & Renaissance. This is a destination that meets all interest criteria: from adventurer to sports enthusiast to nature buff or true seaside serenity. Culture is also plentiful.




With an extraordinarily rich cultural history, Romania has been the home of countless influential artists, musicians, inventors, and even sports figures throughout history. Its capital, Bucharest, the 6th largest city in the EU, offers a rich tapestry of interests. There is also strong archeological significance (along with important findings) throughout this unique country. A large part of Romania’s border is formed by the Danube River, which flows into the Black Sea forming the Danube Delta (Delta Dunării)- the 2nd largest river delta in Europe. The significance (with the surrounding region) is of such importance in nature, that it is listed as a World Heritage Site. However, it is not abundantly inhabited. As a result, it is a true natural vista with its 23 natural ecosystems with aquatic and terrestrial environments – filled with original species of flora and fauna, migratory aviation, and much (even endangered) wildlife – a nature lover’s unparalleled oasis of epic scale! Finally, the mystique of Transylvania with Dracula’s Castle (and its epic lore), adds another dimension to Romania’s many discovery options. It is a destination that offers countless treasures to travelers of all tastes. With these many attractions, Romania has the 4th largest growing travel and tourism demand on the globe! Come experience for yourself the vast range and options for an ideal holiday in this fascinating land!




Despite its historically difficult past, Vietnam is now a truly exemplary tourist destination. Known for its spectacularly exotic beauty, splendid beaches, rivers, unequaled natural splendor, Buddhist pagodas, and burgeoning cities, Vietnam is filled with such visual splendor that it delights all senses and interests. The enticing food (some of the best seafood in the world), the determination and graciousness of its people, mixed with a fascinating combination of Old-World nature/artisanal crafts to French Indochine mansions to 21st Century skyscrapers make Vietnam a destination unlike any other in the world. The activities range from all manner of water sports (like kite-surfing), motorbiking, hiking through jaw-dropping beauty, and more – to the calm & serenity of its many temples and world-class spas. Each opportunity is awe-inspiring: Hanoi’s buzzing overflow of motorbikes and mopeds, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park’s labyrinth of astounding caves, oceanic waters of spectacular beauty, a countryside so lush and green (from evergreen hills to terraced vegetation), temples of every scale, 5 World Heritage Sites, 21 state-recognized national tourist areas, and 8 World Biosphere zones. The array of entertainment is also equally vast. This tapestry, that is Vietnam, is a traveler’s dream and Véronique is uniquely adept at customizing your personal journey that will encompass and surpass every expectation that you could have.




As the world progresses, Japan is distinct in its amazing contrast and combination of both modern and tradition. From the most minimalist Zen sculpture garden to the centuries of ancient Kyoto’s legendary landmarks, Japan is always a revelation. The contrast of its constantly evolving art world, fashion, & design juxtaposed with a traditional ceremonial kimono-clad feast or Kabuki Theater performance, keeps anyone captivated at the many layers of what is Japan – today. Nature is also equally fascinating with its wide scope of marvels: Chūbu-Sangaku National Park in the center of Honshu (Japanese Alps), Mt. Fuji, Okinawa, Yonaha Maehama Beach in Miyakojima, or Isshiki Beach at Hayama. The many (16) UNESCO World Heritage Sites keep the attractions so numerous that your personalized “voyage” is designed to capture exactly the sights and interests ideal for you. The historic appeal is also multi-fold from Imperial Tokyo to Nara (significant for its 7 important temples, national treasures, and works of art), the impact of Hiroshima, or Miyajima (best known as the home of the Itsuku-shima Shrine, a Shinto temple dedicated to the Princess daughters of the wind god Susanoo, from the 8th Century), or even Osaka Castle. You can choose from Ultra-luxe 5-star modernity to equally sumptuous, but truly traditional Japanese lodgings, like a time-honored Inn or a combination of both styles. Do you long for a culinary class with a Sushi master, an historic VIP guided art tour – curated just for you, or possibly a lesson in the intricacies of Japanese calligraphy? The activities and sights are also so multi-faceted that yours will be a journey and Japanese immersion – designed expressly for you – with the full scope of your dreams fulfilled.



South Africa

To delights in some of the greatest highlights of the African continent, South Africa is an ideal destination for its vast variety of diverse attractions and experiences. Cape Town and Cape Peninsula offer majestic scenic beauty;along with splendid, renowned beaches, and world-class cuisine. Johannesburg, “The City of Gold” beats with its own pulsating energy, Freedom Walks ( to honor the historic fight for equality and the undying human spirit), and more. Kruger National Park is world-famous for “The Big Five”[(Lion – “King of the Beasts”, Leopard – “The Most Elusive, but also sexy & dramatic”, Elephant – “The Largest Land Animal”, Buffalo – “Moody & possibly most dangerous…”, and Rhino – “2nd Largest Land Animal/looks totally prehistoric” ) plus zebras giraffes, hippos, & hyenas] – an unparalleled safari adventure to observe these splendid wild animals: up close and in their natural habitat. Movies, books, computers, photographs, and media capture these glorious creatures. Zoos display them in captivity. Yet, to experience these BIG FIVE in person = the genuine animal = the beast itself in all of its glory = living, moving, roaring, leaping, stalking, trumpeting, striding, lurking, wallowing in mud, splashing, drinking, racing, or what not is one of those visceral, earth-shattering, exhilarating, never-to-be-forgotten “moments” that are rare in one’s lifetime. Plus, South Africa is one of the finest places to attempt the ideal score of 5/5! Another of the world-acclaimed glories of South Africa is its wine region (with its many stellar vineyards with award-winning labels) that takes one through wine routes of glorious, lush green and scenic, historic towns paired with equally renowned cuisine. Each step in this region is delectable and memorable. The combinations and offerings of this glorious country are quite unrivaled. Véronique can plan a true odyssey to satisfy your most discerning challenge(s) and desires. Don’t miss an unique opportunity (designed just for you) to experience a land and nature that is swiftly changing!



Wow! Exhilarating & glorious!!! We have concluded today’s whirlwind global tour with a lucky number of 7 ideal destinations for your upcoming travels. Choose one or two – each is sublime in its own way. Also, “stay tuned” as Véronique continues to select, cull, and perfect more stellar destinations for you for 2016… You can also choose among many others in her magic travel bag of wonders. So, “Venez avec nous” as we make your dreams come true!