Bordeaux, Wine & Culture


Dear Veronique, Nick and I enjoyed the trip enormously. We talk about it every day, and have been telling our friends about it. I think about how all the people we came in contact with were so well informed and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge. We were so fortunate to be welcomed in chateaux, chalets, and hotel particulier. You certainly have a lot of friends! We saw the beauty of Bordeaux and it’s regions and sampled its bounty, and felt your love and connection to it and its history. Thank you for sharing all this with us!

Arcachon – France – South West


Veronique, Our first night in Arcachon and we couldn’t be happier. We found a very cool restaurant/bar on the water. We’ve made friends already. Arcachon is an amazing place.Thank you!!!



Hi Veronique!! Thank you so much!! It was such an amazing trip I can’t thank you enough for everything. It was all absolutely perfect and everything went seamless. The hotels were amazing, we really loved the food and we had great drivers in Honolulu. Thank you so much again for everything it was the best vacation we have ever had and we loved every minute of it!! Regards.

Bordeaux Wine & Culture


Dear Veronique, We would like to thank you for the excellent organization of our trip to Bordeaux and enriching tour program. We enjoyed Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Arcachon, wine-tastings and chateaux. Pass our thanks to our private guide who helped us to spent great days in the area and was not only our great guide but also an excellent skipper! We are now definitely looking forward to another trip to this great region!

Hong Kong and Singapore


Dear Ms. Banzet, I’m writing you this mail to thank you for the splendid organisation for our holidays in Hong Kong and Singapore. The flights and the hotels which you booked for us were very good and we had the time of our life. I will of course strongly recommend you to all my friends. Kind regards.



Dear Véronique,  I have to say that India was even better than I anticipated. I was totally impressed with the trip. It turned out to be wonderful and the tour you arranged for us was perfect. In Delhi, we did go out on our own to the Imperial Hotel for a drink, which I enjoyed! To me, just driving to places in our van was an experience in itself. The commerce along the way was fascinating. The traffic was horrendous, and how our excellent driver managed to get us to our destination was nearly a miracle. We enjoyed the Tiger’s Den with its British flavor and its warm hospitality. The food was good and the people couldn’t have been nicer. The safari was all worthwhile because we saw A TIGER. Shopping was very good, and the events taking place outside our van window were worth the price of going to India. Where else do you see elephants next to your van, camels pulling carts, donkeys, horses, vespas, pigs running everywhere, and sacred cows roaming where they want? All this amid the men, women, and children going about their business throughout the places we drove through. The trip was well set up, the airlines were excellent, the flight times worked out well, we had a fine driver for the seven days. The logistics were fantastic (I’m running out of adjectives)! Thanks again for making it all happen! You have done a wonderful job I mark it down as a very memorable trip that I will never forget.

Romania, The Monasteries of Bukovina

Leslie and Tim

Hello Veronique, I’m just sending this short note to say thanks to you for the wonderful trip we have just experienced in Romania and Western Ukraine. Veronique, I want you to know that we highly recommend the choice of your guide. He was personable, flexible, knowledgeable and did a marvelous job of guiding us around in his safe and comfortable vehicle. The pension we stayed in was fine and our meals were fun and interesting.  Besides seeing the monasteries and churches we took a one day excursion to the Red Lake region which was beautiful. I am really happy to send you a more formal “travel commentary” for your organization, the trip came together so well for us! Thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.

South of France


Veronique, We had an amazing vacation in France. Thanks for all your recommendations, they were very useful and helped us plan a wonderful trip. The French people were very helpful and friendly and the sights really worth seeing. Paris is a beautiful and very walkable city. The metro is also very easy to navigate and there is so much to see. We bought the museum pass which, while it did not cover everything, covered enough to make it worthwhile. The train to Avignon was fast and easy and our rental car was waiting when we arrived. For Provence and the Cannes area I felt it was very important to have a car as we got to see and do so much that we would not have been able to do without it. However, whoever is driving must feel comfortable driving a stick on very narrow and windy roads. I am sure any European drivers are fine but Americans should be made aware of this before renting a car. Parking can be difficult but we managed relatively well even though we had a 9 seater van! Provence is very beautiful. We loved the Glanum Archeological site, as well as the Ocre mountains, Beaux De Provence and the Carrieres de Lumieres with the art work projected on them. We had never seen anything quite like that. We would highly recommend the hotel/Villa we stayed in. The place was beautiful and the staff professional and friendly. The monastery with the lavender fields would have been better in late June early July when the lavender is in bloom but the town nearby was worth a visit. We visited Cassis on the way to Cannes and loved the town, and Les Calanques are really worth a visit. Cannes is very lively and full of life but nothing much to see, however, it made a great base. St. Paul De Vance, Monaco and Gourdon we absolutely loved. I think that covers everything. It was really a vacation we will be talking about for a long time. All the best.



Hi, You did a fantastic job for our trip and we loved the hotels in Seville and Barcelona. We have been thinking about you a lot during our wonderful trip. Thank you so much for your work.

Stay and relax in the Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania


Hi Veronique! I actually wanted to drop you a line. Our stay in the Poconos was exactly what we needed. We had a great weather during the first few days before the temperature dropped. We could do a lot of hiking and tried the shooting range too! The accommodation was very good, we were in the inn, slightly remote from the main lodge, with a view on a small lake. It was very peaceful and we could rest a lot. We tried some places outside but ended up having dinner mostly at the Lodge as the food was better there than around. The hotel was very accommodating and overall, the service was very good. Thank you very much for your help and your advice. It was really what we needed. Best Regards.

Sweden Ice Adventure


Hello Veronique! My family had a wonderful trip and everything went very smoothly. Stockholm is a beautiful city. The escape to the great North was a memorable adventure! My kids are really glad they spent that night in the Ice Hotel and will never forget it! We had a fabulous vacation, took great photos and created such wonderful memories.
Thank you ever so much for your help and guidance.

A week in Istanbul


Dear Veronique: Everything went extremely well. The guide was excellent and very flexible. So was the driver – (I’m not sure how he puts up with the traffic in Istanbul, which makes Paris, DC and LA look deserted by comparison). The hotel is lovely and of course the site is lovely and quiet. I had an upgrade to a large suite with a full view of the Bosphorus. I know that you are “responsible” for it! Thank you! Everything went very well indeed and I thank you, once again, for putting the trip together for me on such short notice.

Turkey & Greece, Honey Moon


Hi Veronique, The trip was wonderful. A good amount of time in each city given our timing. Tour guides were great and knowledgeable. The amount of time per city was good. We wanted maybe 1-2 more days in Istanbul to explore, but we knew we had a tight timeframe. Hotels were great. Private transfer made it much easier since we had a lot of luggage.
We would have loved it if we could have spent more time in Santorini …
Thank you so much again for helping us with our travels. We had an amazing time.



Véronique, We had a wonderful trip, the services (hotels bookings, transportation, visits, etc) were reliable and well organized. We experienced so much. One of my favorite parts was the trip down the Mekong Delta and the lunch that day, and the home stay that night. We experienced a monsoon in Hue, where we sat in a restaurant for 2 hrs watching the water rise to our knees when it came time to walk back to the hotel. Of course, Halong Bay, and the boat stay were magical as well. It is a trip I won’t forget. Thank you so much, this trip was great!



We had a wonderful time in Morocco. We loved our guide and driver, which really made for a great trip. It was incredible to experience a Muslim culture – that alone was a world of education for us. The desert camp was gorgeous and provided our favorite meal of the trip. We stopped on the way out to the desert and spoke with a Berbere nomad woman which was incredible. We had a private hammam experience in Marrakech that was both hysterical and fabulous (we’re hooked). And, we were thrilled by the energy of the old medinas of Fez and Marrakech. So yes, we definitely had a great trip.  Thank you for your guidance with it, and your patience with us.

Culinary Voyage in Gascony

Linda and Jack

Ariane and Veronique, I’m just now getting time since our return to write an appropriate expression of our thanks for the opportunity to join you on a wonderful ‘Culinary Voyage to Gascony’.

Your proposed itinerary for the trip gave us high expectations, but the actual tour far exceeded our expectations!!  It was so special to meet Mr. & Mrs. Daguin and Alix and they all made us feel like family. Please thank them for all their hospitality. US Southern hospitality is a source of pride for us Tennesseans, but the friendly, enthusiastic, and generous Southwest France people everyplace we went on our tour made us feel so welcome. Jack and I enjoyed every experience, but most especially: all the fabulous food and wines; foie gras and duck instruction and preparations; visits to Montluc and Tariquet chateaus and facilities; the amazing markets; visits to sustainable farms and to the bull training; the insights of the farmers at Denis (and of course the singing); being part of the Daguin celebrity entourage (LOL) as well as famous members of the American delegation. We were lucky to be part of such a group of true ‘foodies’ like ourselves. That made the experience even better, especially since we weren’t sure how group travel would work for us. Everyone was kind and helpful regarding my physical limitations and both of us are really appreciative. As we enjoy our Pousse Rapier cocktails by the pool, we’ll fondly remember the experiences of our fabulous ‘Culinary Voyage in Gascony’!! Many thanks to Veronique for her tour planning, organization, kindness and grace at herding her ‘cats’. We loved it and Thank you!


Linda and Jack

We had a wonderful time in Morocco. We loved our guide and driver, which really made for a great trip. It was incredible to experience a Muslim culture - that alone was a world of education for us. The desert camp was gorgeous and provided our favorite meal of the trip. We stopped on the way out to the desert and spoke with a Berbere nomad woman which was incredible. We had a private hammam experience in Marrakech that was both hysterical and fabulous (we’re hooked). And, we were thrilled by the energy of the old medinas of Fez and Marrakech.
So yes, we definitely had a great trip.