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lush landscape of gascony countryside

Explore Gascony, France like a Local Gascony, a hidden gem of France, beckons to the Francophile seeking an immersive experience in authentic French culture. Here, rich Gascony cuisine, celebrated for its foie gras and delectable fresh fruits, combines with charming medieval villages, including the birthplace of D’Artagnan, and breathtaking landscapes.  Gascony is the heart of […]


"I loved everything about this trip!"


I loved everything about this trip – Toulouse, Auch, the meals, the wines and Armagnac, visiting all the farms, the convent, the Armagnac gala, and even the rugby celebration!

"It was truly a unique and memorable experience."


What a wonderful trip! Thank you for all your hard work, it was truly a unique and memorable experience.

How fortunate we were to meet and spend time with Ariane, who is so dynamic, inclusive, generous, and knowledgeable, brilliant! Truly the trip of a lifetime.

"It was a treasure of new experiences..."


It was such a treasure of new experiences, filled with surprises and superb meals.

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