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Portugal Enchants Every Traveler’s Imagination

Perched on Europe’s edge overlooking the Atlantic, travel to Portugal is a dream destination offering vacationers paradisiacal beaches, historical palaces, and unique adventures. From its sparkling and varied coastline dotting the north to the Algarve in the south, to the stunning lakes and medieval cities inland, Portugal boasts an array of diverse landscapes.  

From historical eras at medieval castles to hidden grottos only accessible by sea, Portugal packs immense diversity packed into a small area. Travelers searching for both relaxation and adventure will all find something that speaks to their interests.

There is truly something for every type of traveler in Portugal. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and swimming along the beautiful coastline. History buffs will marvel at ancient pagan monuments, neo-Gothic architecture, and maritime cemeteries that convey Portugal’s rich past. Foodies will delight in the local culinary specialties, from fresh seafood to delectable pastries. And anyone seeking to relax on vacation will find their slice of paradise lounging on the country’s stunning beaches.

Experience the Essence of Portugal – 1 Week Tour

For those with limited time but looking to immerse themselves in Portugal’s quintessential hidden gems, this 8-day journey captures the true essence of the country’s culture, history, and striking landscapes. Expert local guides take you far beyond the crowded tourist traps, while still visiting Portugal’s top highlights along the way. Carefully curated and thoughtfully paced for an intimate small group, this tour brings you the best of Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, and the enchanting Douro wine country to reveal the unique soul of one of Europe’s most captivating destinations. 

In this tour, we’ve selected must-see attractions like Sintra’s National Palace and designed exclusive experiences like a private cooking class with an acclaimed Porto chef to showcase authentic Portuguese heritage through food, architecture, and scenery. Follow along an explorer’s path to unveil this coastal country’s old world romance and charm and:

  • Indulge in a Lisbon food tour of enticing neighborhoods and sample local flavors
  • Marvel at the grandeur of Sintra’s National Palace and wander the whimsical Quinta da Regaleira gardens
  • Learn the nuances of Portuguese cuisine during a hands-on cooking class in Porto
  • Lose yourself in the past touring Coimbra’s storied university grounds

What to do in Lisbon

Portugal’s vibrant capital city offers glimpses of the past and excitement of the present. 

  • Wander the mosaic of medieval alleyways in postcard-pretty Alfama, Lisbon’s most enchanting neighborhood, for a taste of old world Portugal. 
  • Follow winding cobblestone lanes lined with colorful buildings and flowering balconies as you explore sights from the striking Gothic Sé Cathedral to the National Pantheon housing royal tombs. 
  • Catch a ride on the iconic Tram 28 for unparalleled views of the city’s hills and red-tiled rooftops. 
  • Cross over to the channel-flanked docas to experience Lisbon’s modern side in the stylish Design District, packed with buzzing bars and hip shops. 

With cuisine and art around every corner, Lisbon blends rich history with cosmopolitan energy across its hilly landscape perched along the Tagus River out to the Atlantic coast.

How to Visit Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira transports visitors to a mystical world of underground tunnels, lush gardens, and architectural curiosities not far from Sintra’s city center. Originally built as the private estate of owner António Carvalho Monteiro in the early 1900s, this UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases a stately palace and expansive parklands dotted with lakes, grottoes, initiation wells, tunnels, and enigmatic towers perfect for firing imaginations.  

  •  Wander through the mansion to discover the elaborate mix of Manueline, Gothic and Renaissance design elements spread across ornately adorned rooms and halls.
  •  Descend into the “Initiation Well” – an enigmatic tower structure feeding into caverns and tunnels snaking below ground. 
  •  Get lost in the expansive wooded park dotted with lakes, grottoes, fountains and towers perfect for firing imaginations.
  •  Seek out mythological statuary tucked into landscape nooks like the imposing “Escalera de Initación” staircase linked to knight symbolism.
  •  Marvel at the engineering of sloped palace gardens and wooded trails seamlessly integrated and even pieced together through more underground passages.  

Let your curiosity guide you to uncover secrets everywhere hidden in plain sight across Regaleira’s mystically-charged grounds.

Visit Porto Where History Meets Modernity

The country’s second largest city is a historic harbor town fused with a modern food and arts hub. Porto flaunts colorful little streets, old-world architecture, and sweeping views from its riverside location along the Duoro River.

  • Explore the historic Ribeira district, a UNESCO World Heritage site graced with postcard-perfect pastel building facades facing the waterfront.
  • Walk the 12th-century city walls, mingling medieval riverfront relics with trendy new galleries, boutiques and eateries, exemplifying Porto’s blend of classic charm and contemporary culture.
  • Don’t miss emblematic sites like the neoclassical Stock Exchange Palace and the ornate hilltop Clerigos Church and Tower overlooking the city.
  • Immerse yourself in Portuguese flavors during an intimate cooking class with a celebrated local chef, highlighting fresh regional ingredients, family recipes, and the nuances of traditional cuisine paired with acclaimed Douro Valley wines.

Porto fuses Portugal’s old world romance with dashes of recent reinvention.

Discover the Captivating Benagil Caves Along the Algarve Coast

These stunning sea caves along Portugal’s Algarve coast feature cathedral-like vaulted ceilings, golden light streaming through openings to the sea, and some of the region’s most breathtaking views.

Carved into the sandstone cliffs by eons of erosion from the pounding waves, sections of Benagil become rather inaccessible from land, with some tunnels and grottos only reachable by boat tours for those up for an aquatic adventure. The namesake Benagil Cave itself opens a massive hidden dome with ethereal skylight views.

Swimmers and snorkelers can glide from grotto to grotto investigating marine life and geology revealing millennia of sculpting forces by the Atlantic Ocean. Outside the caves, cliffside trails and secluded beaches offer more coastal experiences. Algarve natural wonders like Benagil are perfect for intrepid travelers seeking to go off the beaten path.

With over 25 years of experience, Véronique and her team are ready to craft your next magical Portugal holiday.



We had a great time and loved the whole trip. Our highlights were:

  • The beautiful gardens in Sintra
  • The town of Sintra
  • Douro’s gorgeous landscape
  • Cascais
  • Walking Lisbon

Our guides and drivers were excelente- Helio was very professional friendly, and knowledgeable. Pedro-had vast knowledge about everything and was so accommodating – a perfect host!

Joao/ Douro – very hospitable and  happy to share his pride in Portugal.

The choice of the hotels was AMAZING.  Beautiful location and very cozy and friendly, great rooms , breakfasts, design — it was hard to leave there.

Most of all, everything was perfectly timed and choreographed -it was so easy for us to relax and enjoy!