China – a wondrous, mystical travel choice

Imagine thousands of years of continuous history: woven like the most exotic embroidered silk tapestry (reminiscent of the trade routes of the Silk Road), steeped like the finest tea – deeply rich in heritage. From the days of antiquity: from warlords to emperors to kingdoms, these lands have lived through destinies of dynasties – each with its own cultural & historic significance. Its mystical ancient splendor mixed with the vibrant modernity of its key urban centers gives China an energy and complexity that is unrivaled by any travel destination.



The result is an enticing blend of awe-inspiring archeological wonders, historic landmarks of dramatic scale & detail, exquisite art, culinary sensations, spiritual serenity with myriads of temples, and natural marvels (from mountains in every scale & shape, valleys, lush jungles, and coastlines – over 9,000 miles of seaside). China truly offers a diversity to please any interests and desires continuously at every turn: culture, adventure, serenity, history…

Do not think of the impersonal packaged tours offered elsewhere, Véronique & Veronic Travel has the ability, skill, and expertise to formulate and design an idyllic voyage created exclusively just for you (as a duet or for your family/friends, your group, …) , crafted to delight all of your senses in the most luxurious or comfortable, genuine, and customized possible detail. This is a destination which, with Véronique’s most bespoke planning, will enchant you beyond your most deeply marvelous dreams… It is also one that demands the skill of such a detailed, proficient expert (as Véronique) that understands the layers of this Asian wonderland and its many mysteries – in order to maximize your every expectation. There are 48 sites in China that are recognized on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, so you need a “pro” a truly gifted Voyage Designer!?

Among the possibilities are visits to Beijing – with its legendary iconic sights: the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven… Here, you can truly delve into and “live” this enchanting legendary past. No, this is not a movie set. This is real – in all of its glory.

There is also Tianamen Square – with its dramatic role in shaping the China of today; along with interests such as Beijing’s spectacular Contemporary Art movement that is constantly evolving. Trust Véronique to know just where to have you escorted for exactly the art experience that is ideally suited to your taste and appreciative “eye”.
Without a doubt, one of the true marvels – also one of the New7Wonders of the World; is the Great Wall of China: a truly dramatic phenomenon with its staggering ~13,000+ miles of miraculous history… Of course, this is a “must see” landmark that all tourists flock to. However, once again, Véronique knows where to guide you. It will be ideally to “just the right stretch” of this extraordinary wonder – that is not swarming with crowds and your enjoyment will be even more immensely amplified and truly your own.



From among China’s other staggering historic phenomenon are the Terracotta Warriors of Xian, an archeological sensation in a city filled with further wonders. Feel the thrill!!!

Maybe the lure of the landscapes of hills and waters might thrill you: whether to live your own adventure trekking, or simply luxuriating in nature’s beauty throughout the vast options; including some very special wildlife.

Tibet is another “otherworldly” spot – that virtually enthralls you with genuine awe – of its monasteries and serene mystical heritage of spirituality. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.

Of course, Shanghai and its always developing and forever changing skyline attracts global attention and interest. Its fast-paced ongoing evolution has an energy that buzzes and vibrates with its very own modern dynamic; leaving visitors breathless with excitement.



Throughout your Chinese voyage, bounties of culinary adventures await you at every stop in its vast range, sophistication, heat, or subtlety. Every region offers its own revelation of ingredients, tastes, combinations, treats, and palate-pleasing magical enticements that will thrill your senses. Maybe you might want to enjoy your own cooking class or simply to dine with a family in their home for the most authentic meal?

This is but a tiny glimpse into some of the endless possibilities that you might delight in. Véronique has that magical touch and in-depth knowledge for a gloriously authentic immersion that caters to your every interest in exploring this mystical land. China is so bewitching that it will leave you dazzled and longing to return time and time again. So – it’s a guarantee that whichever exclusive, bespoke details and marvels are in your voyage, you will return overjoyed with your memories!

Is this the year that you are feeling China’s allure? It could be that once-in-a-lifetime trip of karmic destiny with countless inspirational delights. If so, please allow Véronique to design it especially for you: for the utmost in luxury or sheer comfort, safety, enthrallment, and details you’ll savor forever.

Today, we’ve wandered across the globe to view and just glimpse at some of China’s treasures. There are SO many more: each more thrilling, exhilarating, and enriching – just ask!? Also, think about the treats that would delight you. Just allow yourself to discuss the “menu” of your many varied interests with Véronique.



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