Horseback riding in Argentina wine country


Horseback riding in Argentina wine country


Discover Argentina, the second largest country of South America! From the impressive Iguazu falls to the imposing Andes mountains, and the world-famous wine region to the cultural and vibrant cities, Argentina’s diversity will fascinate.

Argentina is a fascinating land of contrasts and of unspoiled nature along its 3.694km (2.295mi.) from north to south and 1.423km (885mi.) from east to west. You can find impressive waterfalls, appealing landscapes, delicious wines, peaceful lakes, breath-taking glaciers, the world´s southernmost city also known as “the end of the world” as well as abundant wildlife.

Buenos Aires, the capital city, is itself worth spending some time to discover its elegant Parisian vibe and so many diverse neighborhoods.

Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina and the center of the political, economic, and intellectual life of the country, Buenos Aires has a strong European influence reflected in its refined cuisine, its luxury boutiques and in the elegance of its inhabitants. Despite modern constructions and dynamic activity, it has managed to preserve old traditions and charming corners.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere and the individual personality of each of its neighborhoods fascinate its visitors. Almost 13 million people live there and can enjoy the plentiful nightlife. During the day, a wide variety of attractions are offered: museums, art galleries, antique stores, large green areas and parks, renowned sporting events and golf courses. This is the birth place of tango music, which is included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Iguazu Falls

Nature blessed the Argentine, Brazilian and Paraguayan border with a show of her splendid talent. Iguazú Falls leave every visitor speechless. You can literally stand only a few meters away from this impressive mass of water; a total of 275 falls dropping over 70m (230ft.). Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) is the most impressive waterfall, where the falling water gives the illusion of magical rainbows. The National Park is full of exotic subtropical vegetation surrounding the falls: several plant species with giant trees, ferns, lianas and orchids, 400 species of colorful birds (toucans, parrots, woodpeckers, humming birds and butterflies, with fascinating vivid colors and designs), and other fauna such as jaguar, tiger-cat, foxes, tapir, monkeys.

  • Iguazu Falls VT
  • Iguazu Falls VT

Iguazu National Park was designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO, while the close Jesuit Missions have been declared Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. This magical part of the world was recently voted as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Itinerary in Patagonia

Patagonia, the southernmost region of South America is a mesmerizing part of the world. With its glaciers and lakes,  arid steppes, grasslands and deserts, this is a voyage that will forever be engraved in your memories.

This week-long tour of Patagonia takes you to the following places:

  • Ushuaia — a full day cruise to Penguin Island
  • A tour of the Ushuaia National Park and the Train to the End of the World
  • El Calafate — full day of minitrekking, or full day Big Ice, or Perito Moreno
  • A full day boat trip to view the glaciers

Torres del Paine National Park

Located on the Chile side of the Patagonia region and known for its soaring mountains, bright blue icebergs that sever from glaciers and golden grasslands, or pampas, sheltering rare wildlife, the Torres del Paine National park is an absolute must on your visit to Argentina.

  • Parc National Torres Del Paine   Patagonie   Chili
  • Moreno.glacier VT

    Moreno Glacier

  • Parc National Torres Del Paine   Patagonie   Chili
  • Moreno.glacier VT

Discover the exciting nature at Perito Moreno Glacier and inside the National Park Torres del Paine, as well as an unforgettable cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia.

Fishing trips in Patagonia

fishing in Argentina river
With the fantastic network of lakes, rivers and streams, and a great diversity of salmon and trout, Argentina is a fisherman’s dream destination.