An Extraordinary Culinary Voyage in Gascony, France

Armagnac bottles in Gascony

Savor the gastronomic and oenological delights of Gascony on this food-and-wine focus journey. You spend time on the important stuff – having fun, relaxing and enjoying vacation, while discovering a culture and thousand years of traditions through the eyes of the most passionate Gascon native, Ariane Daguin.

The week-long tour includes cultural discovery, gourmet food experiences, hands on culinary classes, private artisan visits, winery tours, VIP wine and Armagnac tastings, visits to specialty workshops, and historic villages, and so much more.

Unique culinary voyage to Ariane’s authentic region of Southwest France Armagnac, Gascon Wines & Foie Gras

glass of armagnac


New York Times article — March 2017

Is Gascony the Most Delicious Corner of France?

“Gascony is not merely distinct from Provence and the Côte d’Azur. It is, in my estimation, better”

“Also — interesting fact — the humans who do live there live a long time”

“Gascon cooking…. is a cuisine best eased into…”

“Gascony is fundamentally a rural place, and to imbibe its true essence you have to leave the towns behind and venture deep into the countryside…… Such excursions are in my opinion the best possible way to work up your appetite.”

ducks at a market in Samatan in Gascony
The farmers market of Samatan