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Dear Véronique,
I have to say that India was even better than I anticipated. I was totally impressed with the trip. It turned out to be wonderful and the tour you arranged for us was perfect. In Delhi, we did go out on our own to the Imperial Hotel for a drink, which I enjoyed!
To me, just driving to places in our van was an experience in itself. The commerce along the way was fascinating. The traffic was horrendous, and how our excellent driver managed to get us to our destination was nearly a miracle. We enjoyed the Tiger’s Den with its British flavor and its warm hospitality. The food was good and the people couldn’t have been nicer. The safari was all worthwhile because we saw A TIGER.
Shopping was very good, and the events taking place outside our van window were worth the price of going to India. Where else do you see elephants next to your van, camels pulling carts, donkeys, horses, vespas, pigs running everywhere, and sacred cows roaming where they want? All this amid the men, women, and children going about their business throughout the places we drove through.
The trip was well set up, the airlines were excellent, the flight times worked out well, we had a fine driver for the seven days. The logistics were fantastic (I’m running out of adjectives)!
Thanks again for making it all happen! You have done a wonderful job I mark it down as a very memorable trip that I will never forget.


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