VeronicTravel specializes in "à la carte" voyages, vacations that have a soul! Tailored to your individual needs, tastes, and curiosities.

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      "Véronique's niche is American and international clients and families looking for 'tailor-made voyages with authenticity and quality, including an outstanding aspect,' such as boutique hotels and hand-guided tours, including local gastronomy and nature trips. She likes to give clients a feel for 'the overall art of life in a region or country,' melding local history, culture, gastronomy and wine into one unique experience."

      ---- Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine

      VeronicTravel crafts with passion and expertise your next personalized itinerary.


       Through authentic discoveries and by meeting locals

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      So that you can enjoy a vacation forever engraved in your memory.

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      Bordeaux, Wine & Culture


      Dear Veronique, Nick and I enjoyed the trip enormously. We talk about it every day, and have been telling our friends about it. I think about how all the people we came in contact with were so well informed and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge. We were so fortunate to be welcomed in chateaux, chalets, and hotel particulier. You certainly have a lot of friends! We saw the beauty of Bordeaux and it’s regions and sampled its bounty, and felt your love and connection to it and its history. Thank you for sharing all this with us!

      A week in Istanbul


      Dear Veronique: Everything went extremely well. The guide was excellent and very flexible. So was the driver – (I’m not sure how he puts up with the traffic in Istanbul, which makes Paris, DC and LA look deserted by comparison). The hotel is lovely and of course the site is lovely and quiet. I had an upgrade to a large suite with a full view of the Bosphorus. I know that you are “responsible” for it! Thank you! Everything went very well indeed and I thank you, once again, for putting the trip together for me on such short notice.



      Hi Veronique!! Thank you so much!! It was such an amazing trip I can’t thank you enough for everything. It was all absolutely perfect and everything went seamless. The hotels were amazing, we really loved the food and we had great drivers in Honolulu. Thank you so much again for everything it was the best vacation we have ever had and we loved every minute of it!! Regards.

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